Solar Battery Charger Desulfator 24V 735X643

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Solar Battery Charger by PulseTech.

P/N 735X643
NSN 6130-01-497-0964

The PulseTech 24VPSC 6.3-Watt 24V Solar Charger charges and desulfates all kinds of 24-Volt lead-acid battery systems (conventional flooded, sealed "maintenance free" VRLA and AGM). Safe, reliable and weatherproof, the solar-powered unit prevents dead batteries by keeping them in like-new condition all the time. The 24VPSC REV-F comes with a Push to Test feature that instantly shows the batteries state of charge. Lugs on the battery lead connect directly to the battery terminals.

Rated at 0.2 Amps, the 6.3-Watt Pulse Solar Charger charges and desulfates 24-Volt lead-acid battery systems on vehicles or equipment stored outside.  You don't need AC power when your harness the sun's energy to prevent the normal loss of battery power on stored vehicles no matter how long they sit unused - even months at a time.  All of PulseTech's solar panels have higher efficiency, higher quality crystalline silicon cells that pack more power per square inch and have a longer life than standard amorphous ''thin film'' solar cells.  That means you can get the power you need in a sturdier, smaller-sized solar panel.

The unit provides high frequency optimized pulsing across two, four or six batteries wired in series parallel.

The Push to Test feature on this unit instantly delivers the battery's state of charge as 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% with the push of a button.  The unit also includes more cable leads to give you flexibility on the mounting of the Push to Test and pulsing unit boxes.

  •         Charges and desulfates 24-Volt lead-acid battery systems
  •         Works with flooded, AGM and VRLA lead-acid batteries
  •         Keeps your batteries in like-new condition all the time
  •         Increases battery life span
  •         Instantly shows battery state of charge with Push to Test button
  •         Has smaller size solar panel with higher efficiency, longer life crystalline silicone cells
  •         Lugs connect directly to the battery terminals
  •         Helps protect the environment from premature battery disposal
  •         Safe, reliable and weatherproof